E t h e r e a l  B o d y


H o l i s t i c  W e l l n e s s


A women's retreat celebrating a day of transformational meditation and goddess empowerment workshop in a beautiful sacred space with nourishment and refreshment.


We will gather in a beautiful retreat space with garden earth, air, fire and water elements to energetically create our own group sanctuary for the day.  It will be a space to calm our bodies and minds so we can breathe mindfully, become clear-headed, and gain a sense of mastery in our lives through meditation, nourishing food followed by an empowerment lecture with integrative reflection and activities. The intentional and meaningful rituals will weave our presence into a higher state of empowerment that we can carry with us in our own sacred selves.


The chosen meditations will help us clear habitual habits of thinking and action, empower the aura to be strong and clear, awaken our intuitions and have confidence in our abilities. Time will be given for rest and integration of these practices with sound bowl and gong frequencies. 


A nourishing vegetarian lunch of vegetables, and rice, fresh salad and fruits will be served to feed our inner fires.  Water, Tea and Fruit Kefir will refresh and hydrate us.


Do you feel like your feminine power has not fully been realized in your personal, daily or work life? Have you ever asked yourself how you could more actively design your future? Do you feel stuck, unfulfilled, overwhelmed or overrun by life in general? Well, you are not alone.

Learn how to charge up and sustain your innate feminine power and how to comfortably and adeptly wield it in a world that has been dominantly powered in a male paradigm.

In this workshop, we will explore our individual and collective potential to unleash our full capacities playfully and creatively. The workshop will be a mixture of somatic exploration, visualization, movement, lecture and journaling. No prerequisites required.


A bond between women will be honored and strengthened.  We will call to our inner sources of power and light and bring them forth.  We will offer gratitude to the elements and space that have held us in our day’s journey and be empowered to step forth in our lives.


CJ Leedy, our Goddess of Ceremonies, performance artist and creative spirit has a successful history of bringing visions into reality as an innovative operations leader. She has a keen reflective nature and has a natural ability to promote open hearted and directional communication to build impactful individual and team relationships. She travels the world, stays active with yoga and spin classes, sings in bands, sees a lot of heavy metal concerts, and loves eating cheeseburgers. And she is so ready to be empowered and help empower fellow ladies during this Ona Veda adventure.

Krista Augius, our Spirit Guide, is a wellness artist who strives to create opportunities and spaces to experience spiritual, emotional and physical wellness and transformation. She has a background as a holistic healer and doctor of physical therapy, Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, energy healer and visual artist. She will be leading the Empowerment Meditation. “I strive to remind the world of what it means to be consciously alive and engaged and that true life, love and happiness lie within, all around and in between.”

Claudia, our Wisdom Bearer, is a movement artist, filmmaker and business coach. With a unique touch of creativity and wisdom, she has been guiding organizations through organizational and cultural change for over two decades.  Her calling in life is to bring together creativity, purpose, and prosperity to support individuals, groups, and organizations to design a regenerative future consciously. Claudia holds an Integral MBA in Creative Enterprises for Social Transformation and is a certified Somatic Focalizing Coach, Kundalini Yoga teacher, and life coach. She will be leading the Empowerment Workshop.

Marina Frugone, our Light Helper, is a creative and organizational leader involved in the gardening, sustainability and social justice communities in the US and abroad.  She recently founded the organization L.A. Vida Es Bella, hosting educational talks, workshops, and supporting the independent creative community with live performances and markets. She is currently working her way toward a B.A. in Architecture and is a UC Master Gardener teaching gardening in Los Angeles.