I was called to write this book after repeatedly being referred clients with chronic injuries or pain who had been through rehabilitation or personal training but who still failed to achieve postural and structural alignment and stability to resolve their symptoms or get stronger.  This book tackles the challenges of how to work the core muscles of the body working from the foundation and intrinsic deep core muscles outward in order to achieve a structurally sound center with exercises and knowledge.

    Another fundamental component of finding center is to feel good.  Often when our bodies our challenged whether through injury, pain or disorder, we can struggle with our thoughts and emotions that make us feel down.  In order to fully center and heal, a person has to heal all parts of themselves physical, mental, emotional and energetic.  It is for this reason that this book includes tools of ancient practices of yoga, meditation and energy healing for a comprehensive strategy for a modernizing an ancient wellness approach.  The book will help you to address not only your physical structure, but a deeper interconnectivity so that you can stay on the centered path within yourself.

    The best part of this book is that I've been through it all so you have my first hand recommendations.  After all of the trials and tribulations of injury and trauma, rehabilitation and work experience I feel that by sharing these pearls of wisdom that I can make someone else's journey towards center and wholeness a bit lighter and easier.  In some ways, despite all of my injuries and difficult life experiences, I have been lucky because I have studied anatomy, physiology, biomechanics at length and have been able to put all of the information together and help myself and others throughout my years of practice as a physiotherapist and a healer.  I have traveled to India seeking spiritual truths during a very difficult time and found simple ancient practices that help nurture us based on our own inner self.

    To simplify the parts and explain the process of how the body works is an almost insurmountable task, but in the same respect, the body makes sense, so when we focus on the obvious relationships, we can find solid ground to stand on.  

E t h e r e a l  B o d y

H o l i s t i c  W e l l n e s s